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About International Institute Of Financial Markets (IIFM)

IIFM is an educational foundation dedicated to providing quality and unbiased education, information, research data and instruction to financial industry professionals, market users, investors and academia. IIFM is a pioneer institute in the field of financial market education, certifications, mentoring programs, training and development workshops.

IIFM offers independent study and exam preparatory materials in print and computer based formats. Instructor led seminars, webinars and customized in house training and research data.

We are devoted to the cause of financial services industry and take pride in development of new and expanded educational materials, training programs and market data. Apart from education, IIFM today, stands as the premiere in financial knowledge services and is one of its kinds, financial knowledge link between the markets and the end users.

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Q) When was United Stock Exchange(USE), India's 4th Exchange launched?

a) 20 Sep 2010   b) 1 Sep 2010   c) 30 Sep 2010   d) 3 Oct 2010

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IIFM wins "Most Promising Financial Planning Institute in Delhi"

Financial Planning for Non Finance Individuals Instructions

  • 1) Watch the 4 part video series
  • 2) Download the My Plan form
  • 3) Keep a piece of paper, calculator and a pen handy

Happy Planning
Download the MyPlan form from here.  
The videos have been embedded alongside.

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