IIFM: International Institute Of Financial Markets
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Let the analysts at IIFM take care of your financial research requirements. Be it individuals for improving their trades or financial houses looking for A comprehensive research solution, we take pride in providing all. As a limited proposition, enter and get free forex reports at your mail.
IIFM's Research Outlook

We believe in a research based outlook towards trading and it is our constant endeavor to provide quality research so that the user is in a better position to take an informed decision. In our quest of quality research we provide the user with following informative tools and techniques:

  • Daily New letter:

    We understand the value of information and thus try to provide latest and relevant information to the currency traders before the trading session starts. Our focus is to provide relevant currency specific news which gives an insight into the day's trading session. The important section covered in the news letter are:

  • Morning session updates:

    We all know that the current financial market is interlinked and more so in case of foreign exchange market where certain currency pair have high correlation. This section gives current updates on the global forex market which have an important bearing on the Indian currency market.

  • Overnight session updates:

    The global currency market is a 24hr market and trading continues in some part of the globe every hour therefore we bring you important news in currency market when the Indian markets are closed and trading has started in other Asian markets.

  • The Currency Table:

    This section provides updated cross currency rates of 8 major currencies traded around the globe.

  • Key Intraday levels:

    Our research team understands that research should assist the traders in taking key decision and hence we prepare a daily intraday level for various currency pair.

  • Economic Indicator table:

    We believe that there are various fundamental factors which have an impact on daily price movement and hence we provide a summary of all upcoming economic events with key figures.

  • The Rupee Update:

    This entire section focuses on the movement of rupee both in Spot market and its performance in the futures market. We give a detailed report on the intraday movement of rupee, its expected cause and its likely future movement. The graphical representation of Rupee's spot movement is also provided so that the user has a quick view of USD-INR movement.

  • Commodity Section:

    Research over the period has shown that the Indian rupee is heavily affected by the movement of crude OIL prices and thus in this section we analyze the movement of crude oil prices and its impact on the Rupee.